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Disasters are associated with failures to develop communities in a sustainable manner. Conversely, sustainable development – achievement of vibrant and equitable economic, social and environmental systems for current and future generations – is impossible without reducing the risk of future disasters. Disaster risk reduction incorporates broadly inclusive capacity building, hazard mitigation, emergency response, and community recovery. Each component of disaster risk reduction both requires, and provides opportunity for, sustainable development. These efforts should take place across many geographic scales with broad public participation informing all aspects of planning and decision-making.
This special issue will focus on new civil engineering theoretical frameworks, methods, and case studies aimed at promoting the inter-related goals of sustainable development and disaster risk reduction. These goals are interdisciplinary in nature and thus contributions are welcome from the physical sciences including environmental science, civil engineering, urban planning, geography, and architecture.




  • Risk assessment and analysis

  • Assessment and analysis of Na-Tech hazards

  • Rehabilitation of structures and DRR

  • Renovation of old urban fabrics and DRR

  • Environmental engineering and DRR

  • Traffic and transportation planning

  • Water resources management and DRR

  • Flood control and DRR

  • Value engineering and DRR

  • Integrated risk management

  • Non-invasive defense


    Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Full text Submission: 3 Nov 2013

  • Announcement of Full text Acceptance: 8 Nov 2013

  • Final Registration: 13 Nov 2013



  • Mashhad - Ferdowsi University - Faculty of Literature and Humanities - Ferdowsi Amphitheater



















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