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After successful events of 5th , 6th , and 7th SASTech, On behalf of the SASTech High Council I am proud to announce the 8thSASTech 2014 consists of 4 different commissions of NASCity , CNMSecur , VMNDis and NAEEng. I hereby would like to invite all researchers world-wide to to participate in an exciting, multi-disciplinary Symposium on the edge of science and technology. The Symposium's commissions will be marked by a scientific program of outstanding plenary speakers, a comprehensive program of state of the art symposia, and an inter-disciplinary program addressing major scientific issues of global and regional significance and concern. CommissionIV: New Achievements in Electrical Engineering "NAEEng” provides an opportunity for engineers, scientists, researchers, industrials and educators of electrical engineering to exchange their ideas with each-other and present themselves to the industries.
The 2014 NAEEng on Electrical Engineering aims to explore advances in providing new techniques that will contribute to electronic, power, telecommunication and bioelectric and theirs applications. It will be held on 13th of Feb 2014 in Mashhad, Iran. The language of the Conference is either in English or in Farsi and Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit the full paper. As in previous symposiums and conferences, the selected papers will be published in journals that appears in the conference knowledge partners list.



Main Scopes and Topics:      

  • Electronic:
    Technology of semi-conductor
    Nano electronic and optical electronic
    Digital and analog integrated circuits and Systems
    Digital Signal Processing

  • Telecommunication:
    Coding and Cryptography and Network Security
    Signal processing (speech and image)
    Satellite Communication
    Telecom Mobile
    Communications and optical equipment
    Waves and microwaves
    Noise in satellite images

  • Control:
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Optimal Control and Optimization
    Industrial Automation and Control
    Modeling and Identification System
    Error detection and monitoring system performance

  • Power:
    Electric machines and power electronics
    Power Quality
    Distribution networks
    Power System Planning and Studies
    Power System Management and Optimization

  • Biomedical Engineering:
    Medical equipment
    Image processing and medical imaging systems
    Vital signal processing
    Bioinformatics and biomedical modeling techniques
    Medical Transducers and sensors


    Important Dates:

• Deadline for full papers submission: 10 December 2014
• Acceptance of papers: 9 January 2014
• Deadline for late registration : 23 January 2014



  • Mashhad - Ferdowsi University - Faculty of Literature and Humanities - Ferdowsi Amphitheater




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Signed MoU-SIJ
Signed MoU-CTTS

Signed MoU-International Journal of Computer


Signed MoU-IJSET
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