Word of SASTech High Council Chair

After successful events of 5th , 6th , and 7th SASTech, On behalf of the SASTech High Council I am proud to announce the 8thSASTech 2014 consists of 4 different commissions of NASCity , CNMSecur , VMNDis  and NAEEng. I hereby would like to invite all researchers world-wide to to participate in an exciting, multi-disciplinary Symposium on the edge of science and technology. The Symposium's commissions will be marked by a scientific program of outstanding plenary speakers, a comprehensive program of state of the art symposia, and an inter-disciplinary program addressing major scientific issues of global and regional significance and concern. The venue and the time for each commission may vary so kindly refer to the corresponding commissions for more information. We look forward to sharing with you the rich scientific program we are planning for the 8thSASTech, 2014.


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Civil Engineering           Computer Engineering    Arch & Urban studies    Electrical Engineering 

Time: 28 Nov 2013        Time: 19 Dec 2013         Time: 26 Dec 2013          Time: 6 Feb 2014


Conferences Venue:  Mashhad - Ferdowsi University - Faculty of Literature and Humanities

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